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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Fortnightly's 2005 Music Awards

Best Album
Funeral, Arcade Fire

Artist of the Year:
Arcade Fire

Best New Artist
The Magic Numbers

Best Song:
Wake Up, Arcade Fire

Best Instrumental Arrangement (non/classical):
Sufjan Stevens

Best Pop Album
The Magic Numbers

Record of the year (Songwriting)
John Wayne Gacey, Jr., Sufjan Stevens

Best Rock Vocal Performance:
Antony, Antony and the Johnsons

Best Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group:
You are My Sister, Antony and the Johnsons with Boy George

Best Female Rock Vocal
Sleater Kinney

Alternative Album
Arcade Fire, Funeral

Alternative Performance:
Crown of Love, The Arcade Fire

Pop Performance:
Love Me Like You, The Magic Numbers

Best Rock Album:
Gimmie Fiction, Spoon

Best Rock Song:
Sister Jack, Spoon

Best Rock/Garage Rock Revival Performance:
The Woods, Sleater Kinney

Best Rap Performance:
Golddigger, Kanye West

Best Rap Album
The Craft, Blackalicious

Best R and B Album
A Time to Love, Stevie Wonder

Best Song from a Movie/TV
Cold Wind, Arcade Fire

Best Adult contemporary/soft rock/traditional pop album
Antony and the Johnsons, I am a bird now

Best Contemporary Folk Album:
Illinois, Sufjan Stevens

Best Contemporary Folk Performance:
Eli, The Barrow Boy, Decemberists

Best Country/Alt Country Performance:
Northstar Blues, Magnolia Elec. Co.

Instrumental Performance:
In this Temple..., Sufjan Stevens

Lifetime Achievement Award:
Big Star

1 comment:

Erin said...

ROLLING STONE: What was your reaction when you heard about your nominations? Was there disbelief?
WIN BUTLER: No, it was more like, "Didn't our record come out last year?" It didn't really catch on in the States until 2005, though. At least we're not like one of those bands that's been around for, like, fifteen years and gets nominated for Best New Artist.

Haha, sorry, I read that article last night and thought it too perfect a nit-pick opportunity to pass up.