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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Quote of the Day

"I maintain that we have been very careless about sustaining and upholding the law for the benefit of the general health of the people. There is a general lack of interest on the part of the people...I was astonished to find that we could spend any amount of money legally for schools, for roads, for bridges, for public improvements, but we could not spend a dollar from the country's funds for the benefit of the people's health. I readof one good lady up in Dakota who said if one of her hogs was sick all she had to do was to send down to Washington and the agriculture department would supply her with information on how to cure the hog. But if her husband, her son, or her daughter was sick, she could not get any information or help. The Moral: Be a hog and the government will take care of you if you get sick."
-President Heber J. Grant (Leader of the Mormon Church 1918-1945) April Conference Report 1911

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