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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Two Film Reviews I haven't posted...

Brokeback Mountain
R for sex, violence
* * *
Take away the gay novelty and what you have here is your typical tragi-romance that oscar voters drool over. The film isn’t as slow or long as I had heard, nor as uncomfortable, but its attempts at emotions are often clumsy and the overall effect of the movie is flat. The only reason this movie is so engrossing is the performance by Heath Ledger who gives so much complexity to his role that it makes it impossible not to watch him. Like every year this is the overrated oscar favorite. The supporting characters are to 2-D, the dialogue feels forced at times, and the pacing is off.

The truth about the hype:
Myth: This is groundbreaking in its gay sexuality
truth: I’ve seen more disturbing scene is Pulp Fiction, and other mainstream films. It’s quite tame and it’s a sad double standard that lesbian sex scenes are ok, in fact there is more straight sex in this film.
Myth: It’s a groundbreaking love story
Truth: It’s a run of the mill sappy love story, complete with silly tag-line.
Myth: Only gay people can relate or will like it
Truth: People who like sappy love stories will like it.

R for violence (really could be PG-13)
* * * 1/2
I have no idea why this is being called a gay themed film. The only gay thing is that Capote himself was gay, and besides a few subtextual lines in conversation, this is really a film about obsession and obsession with ones self. Capote is so consumed with himself that he basically uses everyone involved to get the outcome he wants. However, things get difficult for him when he develops a friendship with Perry Smith and sees himself. The film is tremendous at the outset, but stumbles a little in the second act, as it seems that the film loses a little bit of focus in order to satisfy its plot.

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