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Friday, March 31, 2006

Editorial: 1, Immigration

I call it as I see it and this issue has everything to do with racism. What country in the world would deport 12 million residents who are essential to the day to day operation of the country. We can't pretend that it's a simple matter of legal and illegal. Our country was founded on illegal immigration. It's the fact that these poor huddled masses are brown that scares the crap out of the white establishment. The white upper class establishment believes that it was divinely appointed to rule this country. It has been a fact for over 200 years. It sees hispanics as a threat to their homogeny. We're supposed to take white capitalistic america to the world aren't we? It seems ludacris to build a giant wall across the border between Mexico and the US while at the same time provoking terrorism abroad. Last time I checked the terrorists got in the country legally. And a guest worker program? That's a terrible idea. Just give them amnesty. Do the neocons forget that St. Reagan gave amnesty to illegals in the 80's? A guest worker program just continues the Bush administration plan of postponing problems until years down the road. What happens in 6 years when their status changes and some have already have kids here? Are we going to split families up?
There are other issues that this debate has brought up. The reason that our nation has done so well has been the middle class. The existence of a middle class has saved us from Marx's nightmare. But the middle class is dissapearing. The rich are richer than ever and exploiting the poor and poorest even more. This is a very disturbing trend and denying the poorest people even citizenship...we could have a problem.

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