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Friday, March 31, 2006

Editorial: 2, Emmigration:

As a Native American, I support rounding up and deporting all of the illegal immigrants in the US...all 200 million or so of them. The Europeans all have to go back to Europe, each to their country of origin, the Asians to asia, and so forth. The blacks can stay if they want, it wasn't their choice to be here in the first place, as well as some of the Chinese. The Mexicans can have back Texas (please take it), California, and the rest we took from them. The Virgin Islands, Guam, Somoa, Midway, the Phillipines, Hawaii, Alaska, should be given back to their native owners. Oh, and don't forget Afghanistan and Iraq, we'll give those back too. If you all are so concerned about the rule of law you'll go home. Seriously. You stole this country, and the rule of law, even your 10 commandments that you want in every court house, says "Thou Shalt Not Steal," (you didn't follow the 6th well either...). If you're concerned about the "rule of law," that annoying phrase that politicians always use to justify the status quo, you'll take seriously the rules of law that our so-called President has broken. Namely Article IV of the US Constitution by breaking Article 2 of the UN Charter and Principle IV of the Nuremberg Charter by not only invading Iraq, but lying about our reasons why; by breaking most of the rules of the Geneva convention, as well as US Code Title 18, section 2340A, by torturing detainees (when was the last time sodomy helped us locate Bin Ladin?) and by comitting war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Then we have the Vice-President, who was hunting drunk without a license,who was really the brains behind the torture, and pushed the invasion of Iraq.
So start packing your bags and get.

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