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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Movie Review

Movie Review
V For Vendetta
R for Violence, Langauge
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I wasn’t surprised at all that the Rolling Stones’ Street Fighting Man was the closing credits of this film. It had been so self-indulgent, and heavy-handed throughout that it made logical sense.
The film has its moments, and the character of V is portrayed in excellent complexity. Sadly, the world he inhabits, and every other character is about as 2-d as their comic book counter-parts. The film lags far too much for an action film, and is too simplistic for a thinking persons drama. I wanted more exposition; I didn’t feel the ending was earned, and it’s background is told repeatedly ( I must have seen the fire scene 4 times). The government doesn’t seem all that bad at first, and the world not that claustrophobic. I think this was intended, as part of a parallel on the US, but this is the only part of the political commentary that is subtle. I mean some scenes have less subtext than Moore at his most inflammatory in Fahrenheit 9/11. There is only 1 action scene, and for a film about action it is a let-down. For a political film its too unsure of itself. Add to this some awkward scenes (I mean they really toe the line between emulating and parodying The Phantom of the Opera) which got some laughs from the audience, albiet uninentional. I hope the films message gets to as many people as possible, as everyone needs to hear it.

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