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Monday, April 03, 2006

Five Star Flashback


Songbird, Eva Cassidy
* * * * * (2001)
This Novemeber will be the 10th anniversary of Eva Cassidy's sudden passing from Melanoma. She never lived to see her success, as her three posthumous albums have all gone to #1 in the UK. Songbird is a collection of some of the best cuts from the DC area singer, comprising of standards like Over the Rainbow, gospel, Jazz, and pop. Her heartbreaking cover of Fields of Gold caused Sting to weep when he first heard it, and is probably one of the best cover songs ever recorded. That song was the first I heard of Eva's work, and was astonished. She posessed the best voice I have ever heard, and would agree very much with the Gaurdian who said: "she can sing anything and make it sound like the only music that matters."

This week on DVD:
Brokeback Mountain * * *
Chronicles of Narnia * *
Crash (dir Cut) * * * *
Masters of Horror (TV)
-Cigaretter Burns * * *
New York Doll * * * 1/2

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