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Monday, April 10, 2006

Movie Review

Inside Man
R for Language
* * *
I am of the opinion that a great director can take any genre film and make it good, and put their own stamp on it. Spike Lee does just there with Inside Man. His trademark shots, and direct address to the audience are present, as are references to msot of his other films. Also present is a good deal of racial and social commentary. However, I think that in this genre setting Lee's commentary comes of the best it has in over a decade. The cast is incredible, Clive Owen does a teriffic job, and Lee's direction is masterful, the problem is the script, while smart, isn't smart enough for those involved in the film, and at the end (the film seems to end like 3 times) when we are revealed the underlying story, it's a little of a let down. Other than that it's a very nicely made and highly entertaining film.

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