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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some random thougts

I was watching CNN last night after sportscenter as I usually do now that the Simpsons reruns are season 1. They interuppted their top story (the Justin Berry testimony) to announce that the dep. sec. of Press for Homeland Securtiy geting busted on sending porn to who he thought was a 14 yr old. During the peice I flipped over the Fox News. The story, and I kid you not, was "Study shows Christians live longer."
* * * *
Props to BYU students protesting the firing of Todd Hendricks who got axed for criticizing the school's student association.
* * * *
Speaking of schools, I saw a peice on MTV about Soulforce, a group of college students riding to private schools that are seen as represive to openly gay students/faculty. Now, here's my problem. Where do they get off taking Soulforce, a name of one of the civil rights freedom rider groups? The group sees this as a new civil rights issue. New? We haven't even resolved the old one. We have a bunch of white middle-upper class kids here, who if they are interested in civil rights would be trying to help with the unresolved problems from the civil rights movements. How about what we're seeing at Duke, where a poor black girl was sexually abused by the white, upper class lacrosse team? Blacks, Indiands, Hispanics, aren't getting into these schools they show up to protest at. The inner city schools, and res schools are still years behind white schools. And how was the black girl paying to go to North Central Carolina ? Working 2 jobs, one of which is being a stripper for white Duke students. This is what Soulforce should be trying to fix. What they should be protesting.

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