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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday Flashback (on sat)

The Cube (1969)
Dir. Jim Henson
* * * *
This obscure made for TV gem aired on NBC in late 1969. Based on an absurdist play by Henson, the TV play is a mix of textbook cruelty, Kafkaesqueism, and Henson's own love for older comedy duos like Laurel and Hardy. Richard Schaal (Mary Tyler Moore Show) stars as a man who wakes up in a cube, and doesn't know why he's there. A large number of people come to torment him, doctors, monks, phsychotherapists, a band, but cannot help him. This is a nasty and clever little film, and those unaccustomed to Henson outside of the Muppets may be surprised at how much bite the film has, or how intense it gets. Yet, it's still fun to watch.
Here's a link to the You-tube copy of it, and bootlegs abound on E-bay.
The film served loosely as a basis for the Canadian Sci-fi film Cube, which in istelf is a terifficly underated work.

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