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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Good and Bad News

The Bad News...
Granada, who just remade Dr. Who are creating a six-part remake of The Prisoner. The Prisoner, which was the first masterpeice of television, is the subject of university courses, books, websites, etc., has reportedly been in the works for a film version, but this remake came as somewhat of a surprise. So, will it be any good? Granada says it's a "radical reinvention" will "feel like 24," be a "conspiracy thriller," and not have the "artsy feel" of the first, so in a word, No.
The sad part is that the Prisoner (1967) was art, and it's endless layers of meaning, interpretation, both expressionistic and metaphysical, make it the most intruiging show that has ever been on the air. The plot was essentialy meaningless, a genre reflex to get us into the meatier issues and underpennings, in fact the plot was somewhat weak. And will they have the bubble? The dwarf? Most likely not. My advice to Granada? Bring Back "24/7" and then we'll talk.
* * * *
The Good, Great news...
For film lovers and nerds everywhere, 20th Century Fox will release the original Star Wars Trilogy through a limited release this Sep-Dec( and will make mine and every other film buff's Christmas List). What does "original" mean? We're talking Old School, with original title scrolls, (no episode #'s), Han shoots first, the original Ewok closing song, no overindulgent FX, no Hayden Christiansan, just the amazing film I grew up with as it was originally released. Apperantly the films will be released seperatly with two-DVD's with each film.

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