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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Movie Review

X-Men: The Last Stand
This is the kind of movie that inspires write a better fact a 12 year old high on caffine and borrowing liberally from a stack of old comics could have adapted something better from the source material. Remember how Superman III was bad? Well, "bad' happens in the third X-Men film, but there isn't a Richard Pryor to add any charm to it. It makes the Star Wars prequels seem as smart as Rashomon. Ok, I could go on, but after last summer's crop of films I forgot how bad the mainstream popcorn flick usually is. A few examples of just how poorly made this film is: when Magneto and co. try to get across the SF Bay, they extravagantly use the Golden Gate Bridge (it sort of makes sense), in broad daylight, and then, in the next cut it's far into night. In the first scene the FX team noticably uses CGI to make Patrick Stewart look younger. The film is predictable, absurd, and unintentionally funny. It feels like a Mad-TV parody of itself only funnier. I mean Beast looks ridiculous, did they really think they could make that look good? Yet, the film takes itself far too seriously to cash in on any camp value that it accidentaly builds. I hope it's the last because they killed off their 2 most interesting characters and exhausted the other 2. The first two films were very well made, smart, and relevant, and I had hopes this would be at least decent. It's not all Ratner's fault, while it is misdirected his script wasn't the best either, but what did I expect from the scribe of XXX: State of the Union. This is just pop-cosumerism (note the product placement) at it's most inept. And I will admit the kind of film I love to write a review about...

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