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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Today the Gov't released a "new" 9/11 video in response to a lawsuit. Like the other major evidence it makes me even more skeptical about the official version of what happened. Earlier this year the cell phone calls were released, however the voices of the victims censored, only playing the 911 operators, though 1 call was released, it didn't provide much. Then again, when was the last time you made a cell phone call from a plane? Likewise this is not a new 9/11 video, I've seen it before. It's not even really a film, it's two or three images put together. No plane is distinguishable, there is a white streak, and the explosion still looks very strange. There are several problems here, most notably why wait 5 years, and why not release any other videos, the gov't confiscated at least 2 other survalience cameras on 9/11 and now say that neither exist. The other problem is that the still photos from these same camera's have the wrong date on them. I'm not saying it wasn't a plane, but I am saying that there seems to be more and more reason to believe that the US Gov't at least has somethings to hide about what really happened on 9/11, knew about it, or even had a part in it. The biggest question has been would any faction of the US gov't be capable of it? However, an administration that has lied repeatedly about what we're doing in Iraq and why, sends it's enemies to secret prisons for torture (there are still dozens of people who have just "vanished"), wiretaps public phone calls, collects records on the public, has wiretapped and targetted The NY Times, ABC and The Washington post, leaked the Plame information, rigged at least 1 election, ignored New Orleans as it was under water,has parties with prostitutes in the Watergate, takes bribes, puts business' interests above the safety of Americans, takes away our civil liberties, oversteps the constitution in ignoring congressional powers and constitutional checks, and now proposes to further millitarize America by allowing soldiers to patrol the border, is very hard by any stretch of the imagination to think they had something to do with 9/11?
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The white white-colar american male is in danger. They are scared. They have for 2 centuries kept down women, people of color, and religions. On Fox News John Gibosn suggested that white people need to have more babies to combat the fact that by 2050 more Americans will be brown. Venezuela scares America. The US rejected the Venezualen proposal where the US would pay less for oil that would be reinvested in Latin America. The US instead lost 20 billion dollars. The rich whites, Latino and black sell-outs, will have to answer for their actions, and it looks like that will be sooner than later.
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Possible Bush plan for immigration problem:
Preemptive strike: We invade Mexico and arrest them all before they come into the US. We turn Mexico into a big Gitmo. We can't get enough Americans to work these prisons, so Guatamalans start sneaking into Mexico for work...

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