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Saturday, May 27, 2006


so VH1 is doing this whole metal month and rock honors of def leopard, Kiss, Queen, and Judas Priest, mostly to promote thier new show: supergroup. And what bothers me isn't that fact that vh1 is doing it, since vh1 has never done anything relevant as far as propogating music, it's the fact that every time I turn it on, which since they switched my cable channels on me, is too much, I have to hear and see Heavy Metal. I really forgot how horrid that period in music is. Not that Queen, and Kiss weren't good, they served a purpose, but heavy metal nearly ruined rock music, and at worst set it back 10 years. Even worse is the later fusions with Prog rock, which I shudder to think about. What bothers me most is that somehow this genre is credited as "Rocking." It really was a pompous, self-serving, disposable, and fogetable period in music. And it's not that it's too loud, or too dark, it's neither, it's the fact that it's the musical equivalent to Professional wrestling, there is not enough thought or depth. Now, not all Heavy Metal bands are bad, Metallica has done a lot to try to reverse this, and Guns N Roses wasn't that bad. But, to make myself feel clean again, The Fortnightly will do our own "Rock Honors" to the bands that saved American rock music during at period dominated by heavy metal, dance, and pop.
Here's our 2006 Rock Honors:
REM (Athens, GA) 1980-present
The Replacements (Minneapolis, MN) 1979-1991
Husker Du (Minneapolis, MN) 1979-1987
The Meat Puppets (Paradise Valley, AZ) 1980-Present
The Pixies (Boston, MA) 1986-1993
Big Star (Memphis, TN) 1971-1975

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