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Friday, June 09, 2006

It had to be Jason Grimsley... (from Thurs)

Jason Grimsley- It had to be Jason Grimsley, there’s some sort of Delilo-ian irony to that. What do I mean? Jason Grimsley admitted using both steroids and Human Growth hormone, and named names, lots of names, that will probably shortly leak. Why is this bad? It’s not that he named names, or said that amphetamines were so widespread they put them in coffee, everyone close to baseball knew that. It’s that Jason Grimsley was on HGH and steroids. Who is Jason Grimsley? I saw him pitch both in the Majors and the minor leagues. He is possibly the worst pitcher I’ve ever seen. I remember his appearances in 1989 with the Phillies where his highest stat was wild pitches. But he has managed to have a 17 year MLB career, which is impressive. But if Jason Grimsley was using steroids and HGH, it begs the question how performance enhancing are they, and also cements the idea that everyone was using them. I mean if Jason Grimsley, a relief pitcher used them, how many position players used them? We also need to acknowledge what Barry Bonds has done. If everyone used them, and it more and more looks like most did, Bonds was dominant against other people who also had a similar advantage that he had.

Music Reviews:
The Dixie Chicks
The Long Way Around
* * * 1/2
Well it’s good to hear that the Chicks grew up, from some rather annoying songs, to some more serious material. Musically, the arrangements are great, the problem is some of the songs still seem rather obvious lyrically, but then again compared to most country music (the difference is that this music would have been classified country 20 years ago, which is unlike most country as well) nowadays it’s pretty deep. Another reason this album is different is that Gary Louris (former member of and co-founder of The Jayhawks) wrote many of the songs and plays on most of them, and some noticeably have a Jayhawks sound to them. Oh, and some guy named Rubin did the producing...

Beth Orton
Comfort of Strangers
* * * 1/2
I’ve heard of Beth Orton, but never really heard her. While the title track has the rythym and bass parts from “Walk on the Wild Side,” the rest of the album is pretty laid back, and while it would be cliche to call it intimate, it’s a quite sarcastic album in parts. All in all the album alone is pretty much worth the price to hear Pieces of Sky.

So, yesterday All-Music guide’s editors put together “The Devil’s Playlist” the best (or worst) songs about the Dark one in honor of 6/6/6. What song would I add to that list?
War Pigs by Black Sabbath-Well, I had to pick a Sabbath song. I made a big fuss about Metal last week, but Sabbath’s lyrics were leaps and bounds above every other metal band. This is a great heavy in the rock catalogue. This is a song about real evil, about men who “like witches at black masses” plan destruction and the deaths of young men who put their lives in their hands. And that guitar awesome guitar solo. Even the judgement scene at the end has Satan laughing as the war pigs are destroyed, enjoying their torment.

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