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Friday, September 08, 2006


If You're not watching The Countdown with Keith Olberman on MSNBC you're missing perhaps the most important thing on TV. Olberman has stepped it up, and has begun to emulate his hero Ed Murrow, with a series of special comments that are inspiring as their are seeringly critical of the Bush Administration, and may now be the only real journalist left on TV.

Idlewild (The Album)
* * *
This is the hip hop equivalent of the Stones 1967 His Majesty's Satanic Requests. An album so concerned with style that it looses a lot of substance. But then again what really makes this a difficult album is that it feels like a soundtrack. It's hard to listen to it as a unified hole, it's missing something. Then again it's different, and different enough, that it's not boring.

The Roots
Game Theory
* * * *
The Roots really feel more like a backing group for the majority of this album, and it's a lot darker than anything they've done before. It also has some killer beats, and nice arrangements. The flow feels rather effortless, but is quiet complicated. At times it almost seems like they listened to a lot of Massive Attack before they made it, but the darkn undertones fit well with the concerned lyrics. Their best album to date, and an instant hip/hop classic.

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