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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bowl Previews

So it's that time of the year again, Bowl Season, and while it seems to get pretty ridiculous at times, a New Mexico Bowl? A bowl game in Toronto? , here is my take on what should be the best games to watch:

BYU v. Oregon, Las Vegas Bowl: I'm a little partial here, but this should have a lot of offense, and a lot of guys with chips on their shoulders on both sides. (Pred. BYU 35, UO 31)

Oklahoma State v. Alabama, Independence Bowl (OSU 24, Bama 13)

Rutgers v. Kansas State. Texas Bowl. Two consistent underdogs. (Rutgers 24, KState 17)

Oregon State v. Mizzou. Sun Bowl. Once again, sort of partial, but should be a great matchup. (OSU 28, Mizzou 24)

Texas v. Iowa. Alamo Bowl. (Texas 35, Iowa 21)

Auburn v. Nebraska Cotton Bowl (Auburn 13, Nebraska 10)

West Virginia vs. Georgia Tech, Gator Bowl. (WVU 42, GT 31)

Arkanasas vs. Wisconsin. Capital One Bowl (Wisconsin 28, Arkansas 24)

Boise St. vs. Oklahoma, Fiesta Bowl. This is, the title game included, perhaps the best bowl matchup. (OU 31, BSU 28)

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