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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bowl Predictions Revisited

Las Vegas Bowl: Pred. BYU 35, UO 31 Reality: BYU 38, UO 8
Independence Bowl: Pred. OSU 24, Bama 13, Reality: OSU 34, Bama 31.
Texas Bowl: Pred. Rutgers 24, KState 17, Reality: Rutgers 37, KSU 10.
Sun Bowl:Pred: OSU 28, Mizzou 24, Reality: OSU 39, Mizzou 38.
I said this was the second best matchup, and it made for the second best game of the bowl season. People may forget about it after what happened with BSU but OSU going for two to win was gutsy.
Alamo Bowl. Pred. Texas 35 Iowa 21, reality, Texas 26, Iowa 24
Cotton Bowl. Pred: Auburn 13, Nebraska 10 Reality: Auburn 17, Huskers 14.
Gator Bowl. Pred. WVU 42, GT 31 Reality: WVU 38, GT 35
Capital One Bowl . Pred: Wisconsin 28, Arkansas 24 Reality: Wisc. 17, Ark 14.
Fiesta Bowl: Pred. OU 31, BSU 28 Reality BSU 43, OU 42.
I said it over and over, that this was going to be the best bowl game of the year, and I'm not going to say I'm right, but I place it in my top 5 bowl games of all time. I mean a Hook and Latteral?

Record: 8-1

So what's my prediction for the "Championship" game? Ohio St. 31, Florida 24. I think Florida gets off to a strong start, but OSU wakes up in the second half behind Troy Smith.

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