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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TV Talk

I watched the season premiere of 24, I haven't really followed the show for years. What struck me was not the heroics of Jack Bauer, but how irresponsible the show is. Now, what bothered me most, was to hear about how the show has become something of Neo-con fan-fiction. The show's makers were invited to speak at the right-wing Heritage Foundation, one of the portals of hell where the "Reagan Doctrine" and Gingrich's "Contract with America" were tweaked. At this meeting Jack Chertoff applauded the show. Dick Cheney has said the show is his favorite, though I doubt people have told him it's not a comedy. Limbaugh loves the show, I hear it's quite a trip to watch it on Oxycontin. A deeper reading of the show is troublesome, especialy this season. The Muslim characters on the show are as stereotypically evil, kiniving, and unfaithful as ever. But this season's terrorist activity is happening under a young, black president. Hmm. Hmmm. Now while the show had a black president in season 1, it seems quite interesting they chose to make his son president as another young black man is running for president in real life. In fact, the show's depictions of minorities has had a troublesome history. The show also has continued to use it's fictional deus ex machina-like torture devices. The neo-cons have cited the show as a reference to why torture should be allowed, using it's far-fetched idea that a government agent will be at the right place just precisely before something will go wrong, and know who to torture, and what information to get from him. All of this, subtextually and contextually, would be a lot less troublesome if it wasn't the flagship show on Fox, and featured fake segments from Fox News...I'm sorry faker, news segments. It is interesting that this show is applauded by the same groups that opposed Murphy Brown from being a single parent, or went crazy over a hardly visible nip slip, love a show full of hate and violence ( I mean when was the last time you saw a man bite another man's jugular and tear it out on TV?). I just can't see how they can think LA being blown up by a nuke, is ok, but a gay kiss is the end of the world. I'm not saying this show gives terrorists ideas. I am saying that it's adding to the culture of fear that is central to keeping the neo-cons in power. The show is fake, but the fears it feeds on are real. Then again TV doesn't influence people at all, right? I mean all of those people who pay billions a year on 30 second ads just do it for fun; they really don't work. And the government's just kidding with those anti-drug ads. I mean people aren't that gullible, to believe in everything they see on TV, no matter how far fetched or stupid it is. Anyway, I've got to go, I need to sharpen my Ginsu knives, feed my chia pet, and apply directly to the forehead...directly to the forehead...

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