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Monday, February 12, 2007

Monday Music...

Thirty Great Valentine’s Day Songs about Heartache, heartbreak, and other assorted side-effects of love, longing, and lust
1) Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division
2) Love Hurts, The Everley Brothers (While the Nazareth cover is the best known, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris’ version is the best and most heartbreaking.)
3) Famous Blue Raincoat, Leonard Cohen
4) Late for the Sky, Jackson Browne
5) Crying, Roy Orbison
6) $1000 Wedding, Gram Parsons
7) Walking on a Wire, Richard and Linda Thompson
8) Acoustic Guitar, The Magnetic Fields
9) Pale Blue Eyes, The Velvet Underground
10) Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me, The Smiths
11) Waltzing’s for Dreamer’s, Richard Thompson
12) Hang onto a Dream, Tim Hardin
13) Hey, That’s no Way to Say Goodbye, Leonard Cohen
14) Tracks of my Tears, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
15) It’ll Never Happen Again, Tim Hardin
16) She’s Got You, Patsy Cline
17) My Sentimental Melody, The Magnetic Fields
18) Withered and Died, Richard and Linda Thompson
20) The Weakness in Me, Joan Armitrading
19) Hard to Love a Man, Magnolia Electric Co.
21) Bad Time, The Jayhawks
22) Oh, Lonesome Me, Neil Young
23) I Can’t Reach You, The Who
24) Only the Lonely, Roy Orbison
25) Perfect Kiss, New Order
26) Sour Times, Portishead
27) A Good Year for the Roses, George Jones
28) Angie, The Rolling Stones
29) Thieves Like Us, New Order
30) Beautiful Fool, Matthew Ryan

14 Essential Heartbreak Albums
Third/Sister Lovers, Big Star
Shoot out the Lights, Richard and Linda Thompson
69 Love Songs, The Magnetic Fields
Massachusetts, The Scud Mountain Boys
Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan
Hang Onto a Dream: The Complete Verve Recordings, Tim Hardin
Tomorrow the Green Grass, The Jayhawks
Anodyne, Uncle Tupelo
Grace, Jeff Buckley
After the Goldrush, Neil Young
Greatest Hits, George Jones
GP/Grevious Angel, Gram Parsons
Berlin, Lou Reed
The Queen is Dead, The Smiths

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