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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Watchdog Wednesday

So, over the weekend Fox News Channel brought out a semi-sarcastic program to run counter the Oscars called "If Hollywood Ran America." Basically a bash on the Hollywood left, and how awful it would be if someone from Hollywood was elected to office. My problem? The propagating of the myth of a "liberal media" happens all of the time, but what really drove me insane was did anyone at Fox News realize that the patron saint of Neo-conservatism, the man who Fox news types worship, Ronald Reagan, was from Hollywood. He was an actor. Actually now that I think about it Fox may have been right, actor's shouldn't be president because look what happened with him.

Also in the fantasy land of Fox News, it was reported by their contributor and Weekly Standardexecutive editor Fred Barnes, that the reporting of an evangelical hostility towards Mormons, relating to a Romney presidential run, was the accusation of "liberal intolerance" of Mormonism in the media. This is pretty ridiculous. Here's a very detailed website to the contrary. And I can personally say, that as a Mormon, who is from the South, and has lived in the mid-west, that this is not a product of the "liberal media" trying to make the GOP look divided. It's fact. While that doesn't mean evangelicals hate us, in fact I've found quite the opposite, as people, they do have a lot of deeply felt problems with our church and its doctrine.

In other "news" if you watch the 24 hour networks at all, you've seen that the most important event in the world is Anna Nicole Smith's burial. I mean seriously why do we care? How is it that a horrible actress, porn star, and gold-digger, is getting so much media attention? Why do we care who her baby's daddy is? I mean she wasn't much of a celebrity and that was only when she was caught drunk at some party. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but we do have a war going on, threats from at least 2 countries, and a possible recession. Yet, Fox News' John Gibson, said this on his radio show: “Oh, ‘There’s a war on! There’s a war on!’ Maybe, just maybe, people are a little weary..."he also accused reporters of "snobbery" for not covering the story. Then again have you ever noticed how many stories fox does of strippers, and porn?

Speaking of a recession, here's an article from the NY Times.

Oh, and in case you missed it, that Tennessee policy group calling Gore a hypocrite? It is run by a conservative group and the Tennessee Department of Revenue said that the group is "not-legitimate." here

Hannity called for a secret service investigation after liberal blogs supposedly wished that Cheney had been assassinated this week. Though any specific blogs were not presented during the program that I saw. But I did see Hannity say that he never heard any Conservatives say anything similar. Really, has he never been to a gun show? Either way, here is a list of people that O'Reily, Glenn Beck, and Ms. Coulter have said they wanted to kill...

In other related Cheney news, here's a scary news story that shows the increasing evidence that Cheney is really the man in charge.

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