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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

What day is it?

Monday Music Milestone
Damned Damned Damned
The Damned (Released Feb 18, 1977)
We shift from one decade’s musical apex to the next. Of all of the punk bands in '77 The Damned were perhaps the least respected. They weren’t as in your face as The Sex Pistols, nor as political as The Clash, or respected as the Ramones. But Damned Damned Damned was the first actual punk rock album to be released. In fact, The Damned’s single “New Rose” was the first punk single to be released (they were a month before the Sex Pistols each time), and they were also the first punk band to tour in the US with T. Rex (after the Pistol’s tour self-destructed). While at the time they were also the first punk band to be considered posers, or sell-outs, they perhaps have the most immediate relevance to today’s rock music. One can easily see how bands like Husker Du, or even more contemporary, as Franz Ferdinand have traces of their influence. Their music doesn’t sound nearly as violent or unwieldy as The Sex Pistols, or even as basic as the early Clash stuff. Brian James has some pretty great guitar work, and Brian Scabies gives a lead drumming performance not heard since the days of Keith Moon.

TV Tuesday
For anyone who wonders what happened to all of those prisoners who are still missing from the secret prisons we had going in Europe...well I have a new theory...maybe we should check the studio audience for Fox News Channel's new show called "the 1/2 hour news hour." Why check for prisoners? I've never been waterboarded, but then again I didn't think I could ever see something so painful as Fox News trying to be funny (intentionally), outside of an improvised sketch at a high school assembly. This show is so unfunny, and the laughter seems so forced, that it probably only could come from people deprived of food and sunlight for 3 days, and perhaps the laughter is nothing more than a response from some pavlovian-type training involving lack of food, testicles wired to small motors, and the light-up laugh placard. Now I'm not giving it to Fox News for trying to ride the coattails of the Daily Show's success with a fake news cast of it's own...then again I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of a fake news channel which pretends to be a real news channel haintentionallyntionaly fake news show, and if that somehow breaks a hole in the spacontinuumontinuim. Now, in case anyone has been paying attention to comedy over the last 3000 years, it is almost never funny when it's made by the people who are in power, and even less effective when it is made at the expense of those out of power. Comedy is a tool to cut those in power down, by those out of power. When those in power try it turns out mean-spirited and dull. Then, there is the fact that the daily show and Colbert are not as left leaning as this fox show is right leaning. The Daily show and Colbert frequently roast the Dems. But it's hard to ignore the fact that George W. Bush has given us a legacy of what looks to be something of perpetual war and a historic debt, and we will be paying for both for generations to come. However, he has also given us enough material for jokes to last us until those issues are resolved, somewhere around the turn of the next century. But the 1/2 hour news hour doesn't even give Bush a sly nudge, rather just ignores him altogether. Now, I hold Fox to task every chance I can get. But of all of their exploitations, misrepresentations, misreportings, propagandizing, and hate mongering, this attempt at humor could be the ir most egregious and unpardonable offence.

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