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Friday, May 18, 2007

Films I'm looking forward to the most this summer...

May 25
Bug- Bill Friedken(The French Connection, The Exorcist)'s first film in a long, long time, is based on the acclaimed play, and looks like a great psychological horror film.

The Boss of it All- Lars Von Trier, who used to be a director I cared about but now rather dislike, returns to one of his strengths, comedy, and maybe back to my good graces.

June 1
Daywatch- The first installment of this epic Russian Dark fantasy was a little misguided, but very interesting and very cool. This looks even better.

June 15
Fido- A Canadian film about the comedic misadventures of a boy and his Zombie? I am so there!

July 13
Rescue Dawn- Werner Herzog, Chrstian Bale, in a Vietnam adventure film. If you need more than that I'm not sure what would interest you.

Goya's Ghosts-Milos Foreman's first film in 8 years. Maybe you heard of the last Euro period bio-pic he made, it turned out pretty good...

July 27
The Simpsons Movie-What do they say, 100 monkeys typing at a typewriter will eventually write Shakespeare? Well what happens when you have 15 Simpsons writers working on one movie? All I care about, is the John Swartzwelder's name is on it.

August 3rd
The Bourne Ultimatum- Loved the first one, didn't like the second one, but Paul Greengrass has turned into a remarkable director.

August 10
The Signal- A fractured, non-linear horror film that sounds really good on paper.

August 17
The Invasion-Nicole Kidman tries to stop an alien invasion...yawn... So, apparently the guy who made Downfall, one of the best movies of the decade, turned in a version of this film that the studio didn't like so they got the director of V for Vendetta to spice it up. Yuck. Maybe I'm not looking forward to this. In fact I think I'm already ticked off...

Penelope- An offbeat fantasy with a lot of indie-cred behind it.

August 31
Death Sentence- I'm not looking forward to this in anyway, but to let you know that this is a remake of Death Wish from the guy who brought you Saw. I'm not kidding.

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