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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Movie Review

(review of Wilco's new album coming asap)

28 Weeks Later
* 1/2
The first 15 minutes of this film are the best in any horror movie this decade. It's fast, terrifying, horrific, and thrilling. The rest of the film? Not so much. Maybe it was that my hopes were raised to an unfair level by the opening of the film. Either way the rest of the film is about as original as a video game adaptation of Day of the Dead. The film is impeccably made, and the acting is great, but the story goes all over the place, and manages to take every horror cliche with it. Now, anyone who knows me, or reads this, knows I'm a horror buff. And that I particularly love zombie movies. Though, I'm sure like the first one, the director is adamant that this isn't a zombie movie. Anyway, after a film like Land of the Dead, and Shaun of the Dead, both in my zombie top 10, it is disconcerting that the filmmakers didn't think that their audience needed something more intelligent. I mean all I ask for is a certain level of plausibility in my horror movies. But even in a horror film, there are twists that are nothing short of insulting. Then again every "twist" is annoyingly predictable (including a scene which I saw last month in Grindhouse) . In the realm of horror films there have been a lot of dumb protagonists. But rarely have there been so many in one movie that are so dense to their surroundings (in a we need a plot device sort of way...)that I really was hoping that the zombies, I mean rage monsters, would just finish them off and let me out early.

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Spencer said...

What exactly is your top ten zombie films?