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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TV Review

Impeach Lil' Bush (too)
Lil' Bush
Comedy Central
Lil' Bush works so well as a premise, Washington DC as schoolyard politics. But Lil' Bush gets it so wrong that it might actually improve Bush's approval ratings. He may not be a good president, but he's 10 times funnier than this mess, though mostly unintentionally. The jokes really don't have much to do with current events, the current events are just the plot devices used to give us tired shock humor. That said there are about two good laughs an episode, the writers should be talented, a few wrote for the Simpsons, and those two jokes feel like unused Simpsons jokes.
Worst of all is that the show is unintelligible. How is it present day, with the current administration's problems, but Bush 1 is president? Why is Jeb the stupid one? Why is Rummy still around? It's more confusing that Lost. Maybe for Comedy Central's 1am-3am stoner demographic, this is suitable material. But as the lead up to the geniuses of Stewart and Colbert, it just looks juvenile.

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