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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lost Season 4

So it's still over 150 days away, but I had a dream the other night where how Lost season 4 will start. I will give you my educated theory, followed by my dream

How I think it will start

Now if I were to think and deliberate about how it would start, each season's opener has introduced a new character. (Jack, Des, and Juliette). And each expands the geography of the show. So, maybe we meet the guy in the casket in a new place.

We start off on an isolated ocean freighter. Close-up of a man's eye, he's lying on a bunk reading. There is music playing and a group of men playing cards below deck. They're making small talk and trying to psyche each other out. The man gets out of his bunk and goes into a bathroom. The soap is labeled with a Mitleous label. Suddenly they hear an alarm. The man bolts out of the bathroom, the men stop playing cards, and they quickly run into a high-tech storage room and load up on guns, ammo, and other equipment. We follow the man as he follows the others up the stairs, and looks out at the ocean, suddenly revealing the Island.


Now that is what I would think, following patterns from the show so far. But here's what happened in my dream, and is every bit a viable, however, much more far-fetched.

How lost season 4 starts (according to my dream)

We are back in the intact Swan hatch. Someone puts on the Mama Cass record just like Desmond did in the season 2 opener. We then see the person’s hands doing dishes, then drying their hands off with a towel. They then turn off the sink, walk over and turn off the record.

Hurley carries the tub of dishes out of the hatch and walks through the jungle toward the beach.

It’s evening.

He arrives near the beach where he can see fires burning, it is nightfall. He walks out of the jungle to the beach and sees Jack in a heated discussion with Rousseau about the Others.

He stops.

Hurley: “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa! Stop!”

Jack: “Hurley what is it?”
Hurley: “No no no no NO!”

Kate: “Hurley are you ok?” Kate walks over to Hurley

Hurley: “This has all happened before.”
Jack: “What do you mean ‘happened before?’”

Kate: “Hurley calm down.” The two sit Hurley down, as a crowd gathers.

Jack: “When was the last time you drank something? Hurley, answer me are you ok?”
Hurley: “No, I’m not OK, it’s like one of those freaking TV show’s where they start off with ‘previously on..’ whatever and it’s stuff you’ve already seen. I’ve seen this before. This has all happened before.”

Jack: “Did you get bit by anything, or….”

Hurley stands up: “Jack.”

Jack: “Hurley?”

Hurley: Where’d you put the Clonazepam. I just saw Michael.

Jack: Yeah. So?

Hurley: Michael left with Walt. He’s gone. He’s not here, he’s not real… Right?

Jack: Hurley, Michael never left.

Hurley: What?!? No way , no freakin way. Michael, you’re not real!

Michael: What are you talking about of course I’m real Hurley.

Hurley see’s Walt playing with Vincent nearby.

Hurley: No no no no no! This has got to be a dream or something.

Someone says Hurley’s name.

Hurley turns toward the direction of the voice to see Libby walking toward him.

The dishes drop and break.


And off we go explaining about alternative time lines...

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