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Monday, January 28, 2008

13th Annual Fortnightly Film Award Nominees

As always this is an incomplete list of films, and the major flaw is that I had to see the film in order to nominate it, so any glaring omissions (Diving Bell, La Vie en Rose, The Savages, etc.) are probably due to me not being able to catch them in time (this also explains why my nominations in documentary and animated film are quite thread-bare).

Best Film
(titles hyper-linked to trailers)
Gone Baby Gone
The Host
There will be Blood
Best Director
• Anton Corbijn, Control
• David Fincher, Zodiac
• David Lynch, INLAND EMPIRE
• Ethan and Joel Coen, No Country for Old Men
• John Carney, Once
• Joon-Ho Bong, The Host
• Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will be Blood
Best Male Actor
• Daniel Day Lewis, There Will be Blood
• George Clooney, Michael Clayton
• Johnny Depp, Sweeny Todd…
• Sam Riley, Control
• Viggo Mortenson, Eastern Promises
Best Female Actor
• Belen Rueda, The Orphanage
• Ellen Page, Juno
• Helena Bonham Carter, Sweeny Todd
• Julie Kavner, The Simpsons Movie
Foreign Language Film
• El Orafanato (The Orphanage) (Spain)
• Gwoemel (The Host) (Korea)
• Persepolis (France)
Best Editing
• Michael Clayton (John Gilroy)
• No Country for Old Men (“Roderick Jaynes”)
• The Bourne Ultimatum (Christopher Rouse)
• There Will be Blood (Dylan Tichenor)
• Zodiac (Angus Wall)
Best Original Screenplay
• Stephen Knight; Eastern Promises
• Diablo Cody; Juno
• Judd Apatow; Knocked Up
• Joon-Ho Bong, Joon-Won Hah, Chul-Hyun Baek; The Host
• Scott Frank, The Lookout
• Sergio G. Sanchez, The Orphanage
Best Adapted Screenplay
• Aaron Sorkin, Charlie Wilson’s War
• Ben Affleck and Aaron Stockard, Gone Baby Gone
• James L. Brooks & Matt Groening & Al Jean& Ian Maxtone-Graham & George Meyer & David Mirkin & Mike Reiss & Mike Scully & Matt Selman & John Swartzwelder & Jon Vitti, The Simpsons Movie
• Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will be Blood
• James Vanderbilt, Zodiac
Best Sup Actor (Male)
• Hie-bong Byeon, The Host
• Javier Bardem, No Country For Old Men
• Marc Ruffalo, Zodiac
• Paul Dano, There will be Blood
• Robert Downey Jr., Zodiac
• Tom Wilkinson, Michael Clayton
Best Sup Actor (Female)
• Allison Janney, Juno
• Amy Ryan, Gone Baby Gone
• Jennifer Garner, Juno
• Leslie Mann, Knocked Up
• Ruby Dee, American Gangster
• Samantha Morton, Control
Best Cinematography
• Control: Martin Ruhe
• No Country For Old Men: Roger Deakins
• The Host: Hyung-ku Kim
• There Will be Blood: Robert Elswitt
• Zodiac: Harris Savides
Art Direction(Fantasy, Period)
• Fido
• I Am Legend
• Sweeny Todd
• The Orphanage
• There Will be Blood
• Zodiac
Art Direction (Contemporary)
• Eastern Promises
• Gone Baby Gone
• Juno
• Knocked Up
• Michael Clayton
Costume Design (Period, fantasy)
• American Gangster
• Control
• Sweeny Todd
• The Orphanage
• There will be Blood
• Zodiac
Costume Design (Contemporary)
• The Bourne Ultimatum
• Eastern Promises
• Gone Baby Gone
• Michael Clayton
• Superbad
Best Original Score
• Knocked Up: Joe Henry, Loudon Wainwright III
• Once: Glen Hansard, Mark√©ta Irglov√°
• The Mist: Mark Isham
• The Simpsons Movie: Hans Zimmer
• There Will be Blood: Johnny Greenwood
• Eastern Promises
• Gone Baby Gone
• No Country…
• Sweeny Todd
• The Orphanage
Best Adapted Use of Music
• Control
• Juno
• Knocked Up
• Zodiac
Best Original Song
• Falling Slowly, Once
• Gray in LA, Knocked Up
• If you Want Me, Once
• Lies, Once
• You Can’t Fail me Now, Knocked Up
Sound Editing
• I Am Legend
• Sweeny Todd
• The Bourne Ultimatum
• The Orphanage
• There Will be Blood
• Zodiac
Sound Design
• Bug
• I Am Legend
• Sweeny Todd
• There Will be Blood
Best documentary
• Sicko
• No End in Sight
Best Trailer
• Cloverfiled
• Redacted
• The Dark Knight
• The Simpson’s Movie
• There Will be Blood
Special FX (On set, stuntwork)
• 1408
• Die Hard 4
• The Bourne Ultimatum
• The Host
Visual FX(Digital, post production)
• The Host
• Harry Potter
• I Am Legend
• Zodiac
Animated Film
• The Simpsons Movie
• Persepolis
Credits/Title Sequence
• Juno
• Sweeny Todd
• The Orphanage
Best Poster

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