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Saturday, February 23, 2008

13th Annual Floyd Film Awards Winners

Best Film

There will be Blood


“This may be an extremely bold statement to make, but there hasn’t been such an amazing character study in film since “Citizen Kane.” I honestly can’t praise it enough. From the opening to the ghastly ending, this film will sit in the depths of your stomach for some time to come. I really don’t think I can praise this flawless film anymore” Film Threat

“… as astounding in its emotional force and as haunting and mysterious as anything seen in American movies in recent years…Anderson has now done work that bears comparison to the greatest achievements of Griffith and Ford.” The New Yorker

“Then there is Anderson, who has set out in what are generally inhospitable times for mavericks and visionaries in American cinema, with the crazed ambition of those writers (Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Richard Yates) and filmmakers (Ford, Griffith, Welles) who endeavored not merely to do good work, but to compile every thought and feeling they’d ever had about this country into one mammoth, summary achievement. It’s a fearless drive worthy of his own protagonist. With There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson has taken a stab at making The Great American Movie — and I daresay he’s made one of them.” LA Weekly

Runner Up:


" this is in some ways as faraway from the classic Hollywood singing, dancing, swelling ,musical as you can get….This film is one of the most good natured and loving films I’ve seen in a long, long time…In this way, Once is in the tradition of the great musicals. It has the romantic yearnings of those old time musicals, and its wide eyed view of possibilities available in the world, specifically in making music.” The Fortnightly

"the best music film of our generation," The Chicago Tribune

A miracle of a movie that is both fairy tale and slice of life." Seattle P-I

The Top 10 List:
  1. There will be blood
  2. Once
  4. The Host
  5. Zodiac
  6. Control
  7. Gone Baby Gone
  8. No Country for Old Men
  9. The Orphanage
  10. TIE. Eastern Promises and Sweeney Todd…

Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will be Blood

Best Actor (Male):Daniel Day Lewis, There Will be Blood


Best Actor (Female):Laura Dern, Inland Empire

Foreign Language Film: Gwoemel (The Host) (Korea)

Best Editing: No Country for Old Men

Best Original Screenplay:The Host

Best Adapted Screenplay:Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will be Blood

Best Sup Actor (Male):Paul Dano, There Will Be Blood

Best Sup Actor (Female):Leslie Mann, Knocked Up

Sven Nyquist Award for Cinematography:There Will be Blood

Art Direction(Fantasy, Period):Zodiac

Art Direction (Contemporary):Eastern Promises

Costume Design (Period, fantasy)Sweeny Todd

Costume Design (Contemporary)Michael Clayton

Best Original Score:There Will be Blood

Makeup:Sweeney Todd

Best Use of Adapted Music:Control

Best Original Song:Falling Slowly, Once

Sound Editing: Hot Fuzz


Best documentary:Sicko

Best Poster

Best Trailer: Cloverfield

Special FX (traditional, on set)1408

Visual FX(Digital, post production)The Host

Best Stuntwork/Choreography:The Bourne Ultimatum

Animated Film: Persepolis

Breakthrough Performer: Sam Riley, Control

Best young actor performance: Dillon Freasier, There Will be Blood

Narration/Voice acting: Julie Kavner, The Simpsons Movie

Credits/Title Sequence: Sweeney Todd

Best Soundtrack (compilation): Juno

Best Soundtrack (from and inspired by): Once

Sam Fuller Award(for subversion of convention within a mainstream studio film)

Judd Apatow, Knocked Up

George A Romero Award(Best Horror Film)

El Orafanto (The Orphanage)

Peter Watkins Political Awareness Award

Michael Moore, Sicko

Robert Flaherty Humanitarian Award

John Carney, Once

Robert Bresson Award (for excellence in moral/spiritual exploration)
Ben Affleck, Gone Baby Gone

Lifetime Achievement Award

Werner Herzog

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