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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Summer Movie Preview

Sure its early, but why not, with big films like 10000 BC it seems like summer films are just right around the corner. So, here are the 10 films I'm anticipating the most this blockbuster season:

Honorable (okay, Dubious) Mention: The Incredible Hulk: Don't call it a remake, though what do you call a film that's the same as one already made? It will be interesting how the studio plays a mulligan.
Comeback: Ok, I'm not joking here either. Fred Durst, lead 'singer' of the worst (sic) rock band in human history directs Ice Cube in a family comedy. So, check this off your list of signs of the apocalypse.
Dragonball: Once again this looks awful, and if its anything like the show it will feature 15 minutes of grunting between fight scenes.
Redbelt (2 May, LTD) David Mamet, directs, I'm not joking, a
martial-arts themed action film, he also wrote, needless to say its
rated 'R' for strong language. Not really expecting anything good but
this just seems like a Simpsons joke come to life.

10) This summer's offerings generally look awful, which means that it will probably set records. For instance 2 years ago was amazing and it was the record loss year.

9)Space Chimps: Just because of the title.
8) Seriously I could not find, and I looked at the entire release calendar from may -september and could night find 10 films I'd pay to see.
7)X-Files 2: So, I erased the last 3 seasons from my memory, but if I remember right they still didn't answer a thing. Though we probably won't get a powerpoint presentation detailing the labyrinthine conspiracy, the first film was quite well executed, so at least it promises to be exciting.
6)The Happening: I stayed with M. Night even through The Village. But The Lady in the Water was a mess in the worst kinds of ways. This looks like standard M.Night material, but if he wants to remain viable he needs to refine his themes and do something new. (13 June)
5)Pineapple Express: David Gordon Green, who's showed flashes of brilliance, may finally get good material and a budget for one of his films. This one written and starring Seth Rogan. (8 Aug)
4)Indy 4: The plot sounds awful, the title is pretty lame, it's been in development hell for years, and let's face it Harrison's getting too old...still I'm going to be first in line to see it. Come on it's Indiana Jones! (23 May)
3)Blindness: The director of City of God gives us a supernatural thriller about a town that has a sudden outbreak of blindness except one woman.(Aug 8)
2)Son of Rambow: The brit music video director writes and directs; a film getting great buzz about a boy named Will who, despite his strict religious family, decides to make stunt filled movies with a friend. (May 2, ltd)
1)The Dark Knight: I loved the first for its return to the grit and visceral moodiness of the comic book, and this looks even darker. It will be interesting to see how audiences react seeing Ledger play the role that some still think led to his accidental death(18 July)

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