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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The so called "Veepstakes." Part 1.

John McCain:
Kay Bailey Hutchison-Rock solid right-wing southern conservative from Texas.
Charlie Crist- Extremely popular governor of probably the most important swing state (Florida).
Haley Barbour- Experienced party leader and southern conservative. Though not that safe, he has his share of skeletons.
Tim Pawlenty-Gov. of swing state, conservative, and young.
Colin Powell- This is the most unlikely, as Powell wouldn't take the job, but Powell is still highly respected and perhaps this would be his shot at political redemption in Iraq.
John Hunstman, Jr.- There's no chance the GOP will get their candidate any less than 50% in Utah, but Huntsman is a likable, young socially moderate, moral conservative, who would definitely attract centrists.
Michael Steele- He may be a well known Republican and African-American but he's a poor politician.
Joe Lieberman- May seem like a bipartite ticket, but it would alienate both moderate Dems and stalwart GOP voters who would see it as a betrayal.
Mark Sanford-He's young and charismatic, but S. Carolina is going Republican anyway, and he's made too many enemies within the party.
Mitt Romney- Would be the worst choice. McCain would look like a flip-flopper for embracing the candidate he most vehemently attacked in the primaries. He wouldn't help in his left-leaning North East or amongst Evangelicals.
Mike Huckabee-He's a wildly likable man, but is, well how do you say it, sort of crazy. Too much of a liability.
Condi Rice- The least hated member of the Bush white house, she's black and a woman, but her connection to the war is a liability, and she's never ran for office before so she's not been "vetted" as they say.
Tommy Franks- With this choice McCain would pretty much make his the war ticket. Which could be a mixed bag for McCain.
Jim DeMint-Very young but rising GOP star from a swing state. Not well known enough.
Arnold Schwarzenegger- A long long long shot. California's going Dem no matter what, and between the two Arnie's the genuine Maverick.

It will be... Charlie Crist of Florida.
Despite his negatives, Florida is just too important.

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