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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Glass Houses: The Media Double-Standard (Pt 1.)

The whole notion of how the media is going about questioning Obama, or in some cases condmening him, for his associations with Bill Ayers, or Jeremiah Wright, isn't so much of playing a game of guilt by association, but rather a continuing double standard at work in the US. Those who are condemning Sen. Obama do so in a star-spangled guise, the subtext being protecting America from subversive forces, while at the same time no one seems to question these pundits and talking heads and their own questionable associations.

Some are easier to spot than others.
On Rev. Wright: "what this man has become is a recruiting campaign for Al Qaeda and all the enemies of America."
The owner of those words? Fmr. General Oliver North (frequent guest and host on Fox News). Oliver North himself has no credibility on anything whatsoever in the first place, but this is especially ironic. Its a matter of history and public record that Ollie North, seen below, North was a key player in the Iran-Contra affair, secretly selling weapons to Iran, and then secretly diverting the profits to fund Nicaraguan contra forces. And in case you don't know how that turned out Iran isn't exactly our best friend (supplying weapons in turn, to kill our soldiers in Iraq), and the contras, according to The Catholic Institute for International Relations described Contra actions in their 1987 North's mugshot, after his arresthuman rights report by saying, "The record of the contras in the field, as opposed to their official professions of democratic faith, is one of consistent and bloody abuse of human rights, of murder, torture, mutilation, rape, arson, destruction and kidnapping." Add to that the contras also made their money by trafficking drugs in the US, which the Just-Say-No Reagan administration was fully aware. This included the widespread introduction of Crack-cocaine into the US mainstream. Now, to be fair, North made these comments in response to Wright calling him a murderer. I guess technically he was 1) never convicted of murder, or 2) never directly killed people, but giving money to groups who committed human rights abuses, money used to buy the weapons to commit those crimes, and helping a group which led to the deaths of countless American citizens through supporting their drug smuggling, seems pretty accurate to me.

"Do the Obamas have a race problem of their own?"

This question, and many others less subtly put, was asked by Sean Hannity who is perhaps the most vehement critic of Wright and Obama. Decrying Wright's ideas and comments as racist and divisive, and not accepting any of Obama's denouncements (or renouncements) of Wright, or Aryes, or Farrakhan, basically saying that a man should be judged by the company he keeps. So what of Hannity's company?

Meet Hal Turner. (warning what follows has extremely offensive language to just about everybody)
“About Sean Hannity and Me. . . . . Yes, we were friends and yes, Sean agreed with some of my views."

"In my opinion, based on my first hand experience, I believe Sean Hannity is, in fact, a Hal Turner sort of guy. It seems to me that a big difference between Sean and me is that I am willing to say publicly what I think about savage Black criminals, diseased, uneducated illegal aliens and the grotesque cultural destruction wrought by satanic jews while Sean and many others keep quiet to protect their paychecks.
I was quite disappointed when Sean Hannity at first tried to say he didn't know me and then went on to say that I ran some senate campaign in New Jersey. In fact, Sean Hannity does know me and we were quite friendly a number of years ago.

…When Hannity took over Bob Grant's spot on 77 WABC in New York City, I was a well-known, regular and welcome caller to his show. Through those calls, Sean and I got to know each other a bit and at some point, I can't remember exactly when, Sean gave me the secret "Guest call-in number" at WABC so that my calls could always get on the air.

When I utlized that call-in number, Sean would very often come onto that line during commercial breaks so we could chat before I went on the air. Our off-the-air chats grew to an exchange of other phone numbers, me giving Sean my home and cellular number and Sean giving me his direct dial-in number at Fox News channel.

In 1993, My wife got pregnant and around a month later, Sean reported that he and his wife were expecting their first child. We got to talking about things expectant dads talk about and the relationship grew.

…Over the course of the next three or four years, Sean and I spoke regularly off the air about our kids, politics and news of the day. My on-air calls to his show remained regular and welcome"

Hal turner is a White-supremacist New Jersey radio host. He not only is outspoken in his racism, but is essentially a neo-nazi and a holocaust denier. As of late he's been trying to hock tape recordings between him and Hannity.
From his website posted May 15 2005,
" Instead of fighting Muslims, we Christians should be rounding up jews [sic] and killing them here in America. We should bomb their Synagogues, burn down their Yeshivas and violently attack them on the street and in their places of business. I advocate extreme violence against jews [sic] because their history as a people make them worthy of being killed. Jews are the lowest form of sub-human garbage. They deserve to be killed."

When asked about the relationship by New Black Panther Malik Shabazz this is what followed:

Shabazz: “Let me ask you this. Are you to be judged by your promotion and association with Hal Turner?”

Hannity (waved his arm around): “I don’t know anybody named – this is nonsense. I don’t…Sir, sir… That was a man that was banned from my radio show ten years ago, that ran a Senate campaign in New Jersey.”

Shabazz: " “A neo Nazi, you backed his career,”

Hannity: “I’m not running for president.”

Hannity & Colmes 3/19/08

I guess it makes sense now why Hannity likes to have the likes of Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and members of the New Black Panther Party, or people like Kamau Kambon
or other divisive Black voices-the crazier the better. Or have on crazies like Dennis Prager, who made up the Keith Ellison Koran controversy. While not having on the likes of the mainstream Roland Martin, who Hannity won't debate for some reason.

And since Hannity likes to play Wright's "greatest hits" here's a few more of Turner's (for a detailed report of the relationship Max Blumenthal has a detailed article, or in this interview here)

Note the following are quotes from Hal Turner's radio show, and contain wildly offensive sayings. This site is posting them as a public service, and in no way endorses him, his statements, or the ideas which inform such a warped and sick world-view. So what follows is not from me, this site, etc. etc. Once you read them you'll understand why I'm adding such an advisory:

--Beginning of Hal Turner Material---

"June 18, 2007: "I think inter-racial couples deserve to be killed on site. The thing is, whenever one decides to kill such a couple, they must kill the non-white MALE first. If they kill the white female first, the non-white male runs away too fast to get!"



March 23, 2006: I think someone ought to tell Senator [Hillary] Clinton about some of the VIOLENT methods folks voted to employ upon Senators and Congressmen in THIS poll....We wouldn't want to see her pretty face ruined from brass knuckles or her skull cracked open with a baseball bat. Although I wouldn't shed a tear of those things happened.

July 15, 2005: "In my opinion it's time to start ASSASSINATING MEXICAN GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS …I once again advocate using EXTREME VIOLENCE against Mexicans. They should be shot and killed while crossing into this country illegally. Once they're dead, their heads should be cut off and put on pike poles as a warning to others. Any water stations placed in the desert by good samaritans should be intentionally poisoned.""


And these are just the worst I could find. I think even conservatives would agree these statements are far worse than anything Jeremiah Wright said. Or at least just as bad. And if not, we'll at least they're being more honest than Hannity.
So, as long as Hannity assumes that Sen. Obama holds the same views as Bill Ayres or Rev. Wright, I'll assume the he holds the views of his friends as well. While he many not be running for President, because he spends so much time attacking one of the people that are, Hannity should expect the same treatment and scrutiny. After all that's what the Bible says isn't it? Presidential candidates or not.


Bronzeville Metropolis said...

Thanks for this post...I was at the press club with Rev. Wright, check out the story if you can...we are a community newspaper in Chicago.

Jen and Phil Singer said...

great post. I have been so fed up with the whole thing with Wright--anything to divert us away from our recessed economy,the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq, or the $115 barrel of oil.