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Friday, May 23, 2008

The Veepstakes pt 2: Obama

Joe Biden: Experienced in foreign policy, a deal-maker on the hill. Downside: lots of potential skeletons from those deals. From Delaware.

Bill Richardson: One of the most respected party-insiders, loads of foreign policy and administrative experience; blue collar, gun friendly, and latino. Could deliver swing-states in interior west. Downside: Not the best campaigner and has history of flubs.

Tim Kaine: Gov. of Virginia. Only been Gov for 3 years, though was mayor of Richmond before that; not sure if that helps. He's older, and white, but also a lawyer who's been involved in state politics for a while so there's a few skeletons rattling around there.

Janet Napolitano: Second term gov of Arizona (how ironic would that be?). A woman from a Red state. Endorsed Obama. Turned billion dollar deficit to billion dollar surplus without raising taxes. Named by Time as one of the 5 best gov's. Donwside: strong anti-immigration stance. Wants McCain's senate seat.

Ed Rendell: Gov. of Pennsylvania, 2nd Lt. in US Army Reserve, mayor of Philadelphia. Downside: Strong Hillary supporter, blasted Obama during that states Primary. He's been a little too involved in the seedy side of PA politics.

Smart: (I guess you can see my pattern here)

Gen. Wesley Clark: This is my pick. I mean he has the most impeccable military resume: valedictorian of his West Point class, Rhodes scholar who graduated from Oxford, 34 years in the Army with 2 bronze stars, a purple heart, a silver star, 2 distinguished service medals. He was also awarded the Presidential medal of freedom, is well respected in Europe ( he's an honorary knight in 7 countries). Downside: The way he ran Kosovo rubbed some in the military the wrong way. And he's from Illinois, so he doesn't broaden the regional appeal. Also, supported Clinton.

Sherrod Brown: Long-time congressman from Ohio, and current senator (though only for 1 year). Tons of experience on trade and free-trade (opposed CAFTA). White Lutheran with great family. Would help in the most important swing-state. Downside: only 1 year in senate.

Sam Nunn: Conservative Democrat from Georgia, served in the senate for 25 years, where he served on the Armed services committee, and since then has worked to stop Nuclear proliferation. Served in the Coast-Guard. Downside: Said he doesn't want to be VP.

Gen. Anthony Zinni: Vietnam vet (bronze star, purple heart, 2distinguished service medals.) Former CENTCOM Commander. Special envoy to Israel. Ret. Four-star general in the Marine Corps. Opposed any plans for an invasion of Iraq since late-'90's. Warned about dangers of Bin-Laden in 2000. Downside: Somalia.

Hillary Clinton: Sen. Obama, really, do not, under any circumstances, choose Hillary. 1) your message is change from the past and bringing in the Clinton's to your administration won't help your case 2) She would want to be as powerful as the current VP 3) It opens your campaign up to a the attacks they were gonna use on her.

Jim Webb: This is the person everyone else's money is on. Why? Well his millitary record, his son is in Iraq, he's from Virginia, he's blue-collar and is a fighter. He gets along really well with Obama. So why is this a stupid choice? He's only been in the senate for 2 years. Think Obama has experience questions already? How about picking a VP who has even less experience than he does.

Brian Schwietzer: Montana Gov. Former irrigation developer in the middle east. Doesn't help with the few delegates of his home state, and he's more important to the party as the Gov. of a red-state.

Chuck Hagel: Would really add cred to Obama's post-partisan politics, as Sen. Hagel's a Republican. One of the strongest critics of the Iraq War. Served on Banking and Intelligence committees. Tons of experience in Washington. Downside Tons of experience in Washington.

Oprah: I kid you not. The most powerful and respected self-made woman in the private sector. Has been the administrator of a large multi-faceted and multi-national corporation. No political experience, but hey, its Oprah.

Too Soon:
Evan Bayh (too young, though they would make the dreamiest ticket ever)
Kathleen Sebelius: Govenor of Kansas. After Hillary, the next best shot for a female president. Wait for a presidential run in 2016.Actually by then a Sebelius/Bayh ticket would be amazing.

Who he should Pick? 1) Gen. Clark 2)Sam Nunn. 3) Gen. Zinni.
Who he will pick? 1)Jim Webb 2)Sherrod Brown 3) Joe Biden.

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