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Friday, May 23, 2008

What to expect from The Lost Season 4 Finale

There aren't any spoilers here, so don't worry, unless you haven't been watching season 4. I guess there's things that I'm excited to see and know you will be as well. I've been very careful not to read spoilers myself, even though I have a source who has everything about it, which has been confirmed by the people at Lostpedia. But I have pieced these highlights together from my other spoilerless sources.

  • Watch the repeat of last week's episode. Darlton wasn't happy with the way the press conference was edited so this week they'll show the extended version with new and better questions and answers, or lack thereof.
  • We will find out who's in the coffin!
  • We will see a new Dharma orientation video.
  • There will be a huge cliffhanger (of course)
  • There will be more plot advancement in the flash-forwards
  • It also appears there will be a high body count.

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