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Monday, June 09, 2008

Super Quick Unnecessary List Reaction....Re: Rolling Stone's Top 100 Guitar Songs

My top 20 Guitar Songs you haven’t heard (or noticed before)
1. Elevation, Television (Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd)
Probably the most complex and technically challenging guitar piece I'm aware of. Oh, yeah and made by a punk band from NYC. Take that!
2. Marquee Moon, Television (Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd)
3. Prove It, Television (Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd)
I guess you get the picture...if you don't have Marquee Moon already go buy
4. Quadrophenia, The Who (Pete Townshend)
a. There’s so many nuances and themes at work here it’s quite incredible
5. Guns Before Butter, Gang of Four (Andy Gill)
a. Gill’s playing has been described as a member of the JB’s who’s amp goes out every so often.
6. Have You Seen Her Face? The Byrds (Jim (Roger) McGuinn)
a. Exhibit A for what an extended guitar solo is.
7. Late for the Sky, Jackson Browne (David Lindley)
It’s easy to be flashy in a fast all out rock jam. But to throw out such a remarkable solo as this on one of the all-time great slow songs, is something else. I was hanging in there until the solo, and then just threw my arms up.
8. That's All, Amen, Close The Door, Richard Thompson
9. Venus, Television (Tom Verlaine/Richard Lloyd)
10. The Calvary Cross, Richard and Linda Thompson(Richard Thompson)
11. Shot by Both Sides, Magazine (John McGeoch)
12. Black Maria, Todd Rundgren
13. Paperhouse, Can (Michael Karoli)
14. Girl Afraid, The Smiths (Johnny Marr)
15. Wooden Ships, CSNY (Stephen Stills)
16. Rock and Roll Stew, Traffic (Dave Mason)
17. At Least That’s What You Said, Wilco (Nels Cline/Jeff Tweedy)
18. Outside the Trains Don’t Run on Time, Gang of Four(Andy Gill)
19. Medley: Old Man River/Deep River, John Fahey
20. Meadow Meal, Faust (Rudolf Sosna)

Guitarists who deserve mention but I couldn’t decide on a prime example:

o Marc Bolan (T.Rex)

o JJ Cale

o Mick Ronson (David Bowie)

o Mick Ralphs (Mott the Hoople)

o Peter Laughner (Pere Ubu’s early stuff)

§ Died at 24, in 1977. Considered by many in the American music scene (Television, Husker Du, etc.) as the most important catalyst of rock music in the Midwest.

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