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Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Rating Reminder

Essentially this is similar to the Rolling Stone rating system, where four stars is the highest rating, except its not, we occasionally give out a fiver. Not the Allmusic guide rating system, where everything gets 4 1/2 stars or the Pitchfork rating system where they wear tight jeans, dark rimmed glasses, and laugh at you.

zero-I don't think I've yet to give this out. Probably takes 2 simultaneous key turns and launch codes to use. Have to look into that...
1/2- Not just inept or terrible, but worthy, for some transgression, of derision.
****- Excellent. A must.
*****-As close to perfect as possible. A classic. Avg. about 3 a year. YTD: 0 films, and 2 albums.

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