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Friday, August 22, 2008

Disecting The ads: The One: Obama as Antichrist

This is an old ad, but in my opinion the most egregious so far by the McCain campaign.

First, what about the video is so troubling?

What is the one part of the GOP that McCain can't seem to get excited?

Ask yourself that as you watch the first part of the ad with the faux-Bible speak.

This is an add directed toward evangelicals, and its aim is nothing more than to say that Obama is the anti-Christ.

This isn't anything new. Ever since pre-millennialism became the dominant strain of Christianity in the second half of the last century every presidential candidate from Reagan to Clinton was feared to be the anti-Christ. But usually its said in far smaller circles, in more coded language. This was widespread and blatant.

This is an ad meant to seem tongue-in-cheek and the Moses part (pun intended) at the end is something to push the ad to absurd heights and try to let the rest of the ad off the hook. Even the final, most incredible part of the ad.
"He may be 'the one.' But is he ready?"
What does that mean? Why doesn't it say McCain will be 'the one.' Or the 'real one?'
Why has the McCain campaign continued to use that phrase in other speeches, ads, etc?

This is hardly code, but I guess you'd call it that. The chanting crowds cheering his name, the speech in front of thousands in Germany are seen in this ad, and that latter image is the key to this ad. The Anti-Christ myth, and I've yet to have anyone explain to me how there is any Biblical foundation for the modern Anti-Christ End Times scenario (made popular by the Left Behind books which have a cover that looks like some of the imagery in the ad), goes something like this: A charismatic and popular leader appears claims he will solve the world's problems, though most of these myths have the anti-Christ as a European who unites Europe into a single power, but basically the leader is democratically elected, and unites the western world in a one-world government, and is really a pawn for Satan, then numbers, etc. etc. How they got this from the Bible, and I can see getting all sorts of interpretations of Revelation but the book of Revelation never uses the word "anitchrist", so specific is beyond me. But that's the mythology implied in this ad. That Obama is the one.

It appears that McCain, not able excite Evangelicals to vote for him, is content with scaring them to vote against Obama.

That word 'the' is quite important. Not so much in the ad, but shows that the ad is perpetuating a belief that has no biblical basis. Here scholar Dr. Jim West demonstrates how in Greek, John could not have been saying a singular-specific 'the' anti-christ, or 'An' anti-Christ, but rather antichrist as a general term or way of belief.

(For the most thorough look at the history of and the way that 'prophecy belief' has changed and changed America read this work by Paul Boyer. Had more people read this before 2000 we'd have better recognized the Bush administration's agenda)

After writing this I found this article. Though there are some errors, as Time's religion section is known to have. Most notably it infers that the word anti-Christ is used in Revelation, and Daniel, though it appears in neither.
And here is a link to the Matthew 25 Network a group mentioned in the Time article.

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Patricia Burns said...

The identities of the two beasts (kings) of Revelation chapter 13 will not be known until they ascend out of the bottomless pit (hell) after it has been opened at the Fifth Trumpet, the First Woe.

The beast of Revelation 13:11 is the false prophet.

ALL persons who deny that Jesus is the Christ, who deny the Father and the Son is anti-Christ. (1 Jn.2:18, 1 Jn.2:22, 1 Jn.4:3, 2 Jn.1:7).

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