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Saturday, August 09, 2008

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The media has really been missing all of the damning evidence which is mounting against the Bush administration in wake of Pulitzer-Prize winner Ron Suskind's new book "The Way of the World."
However, it appears Suskind was wrong about some of the details. American Conservative reporter Philip Giraldi has a source which confirms Fmr. CIA director George Tenet's denials about his role in forging a letter to try and link Saddam to 9/11...The source states Suskind was incorrect, in that it wasn't Tenet who forged the letter, it was none other than...

" (Vice President) Dick Cheney, who was behind the forgery, hated and mistrusted the Agency (CIA) and would not have used it for such a sensitive assignment. Instead, he went to Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans and asked them to do the job."

Read the short yet incredible report here.

Fascinating insider's view of what Russia's invasion of Georgia means...
McCain;s Pathological Lies about Obama and's the unbiased truth
Who directed the opening Ceremonies? Only one of the finest filmmakers in the world....
The dark side of Beijing's Olympic Prep.
Olympic Press Corps Internet access being blocked, despite IOC's previous statements that it would be 'Free and Open.'

GOP Political Theater Update:
Bush could recall congress if he wanted to but...
and while his cronies "revolt" Boehner, the house minority leader who said "Congress doesn't deserve a break," is home in Ohio golfing...

The internal battle over the Democrats Abortion platform.

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