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Friday, August 29, 2008

Picking apart McCain's VP Pick (?)

My first question was: 'was this McCain's pick?' If so he needs to be checked by a mental health care professional. Though, it seems like the pick of the GOP machine. A VP is supposed to 1) be someone who is ready to be president 2) someone are comfortable with and/or trust OR someone who can win you a battleground region and/or state.

So, this is a joke right? I was certain McCain was going to pick Mitt Romney. They didn't get along, but he sure would have helped McCain in Michigan, and with his economic cred. Then again maybe they were afraid that would highlight McCain's lack of economic experience, but does he really think that this pick will make more people comfortable McCain and the economy?

Was it the Mormon thing? I mean Palin is a darling of the Religious Right, but that's about it. Was Romney's religious beliefs such a big problem with the Evangelicals that he had to pick someone who negates the central argument of the McCain campaign?

This can't be to get Hillary voters. I think we can all agree that the rift was an exaggeration of the media. And there will be a handful, and perhaps a literal handful, of Hillary voters who won't vote for Obama, but outside of the maybe 5 voters who will go with her because she's a woman, with her policies, I think, if anything, this will help the hardcore Hillary supporters with the Obama camp.

Also, aren't you supposed to pick someone who is, how do I say this, not as "TV ready" as you? I mean next to Palin, McCain looks even older, and now sort of creepy. Was Romney taller than McCain? Was that it?

Worst of all for McCain this negates his main attack on Obama. Here we have the man who if elected would be the oldest first-term president in history, with not so stellar health, saying that Obama is not ready to be president. When his VP pick, who has probably a higher chance of any VP (medically speaking) to inherit that office, has less experience than Obama. Who's been a Gov. of a small state for 2 years, and before that was a mayor of a town that was about 1/30 the size of the area Obama represented for nearly a decade in the Illinois state senate. John, let's have some straight talk here, are you serious, this does not help your best argument!

Now, I have to be careful here with this part. But I've heard this morning from several women, that one of their first concerns about Palin was that she has five children, one with Down Syndrome. Any parent who raises a child with Down Syndrome is a hero in my book, and that she's done it and had a political career is amazing. But the thing I've heard from these women, is that if the GOP's party line has been "family values," doesn't having a young mother run for such an intensive office send a mixed message? Who will take care of the kids? Now, I have to say that fair or not this is the gist of conversations I had this morning, and that the people who expressed these concerns were women, and the one most concerned was in the all-important Hillary age group.

Lastly, Palin is, just this past month, involved in a political scandal in Alaska. And in the long run Alaska isn't a state that McCain needs or even has to worry about. Because Alaska has all of 3 electoral votes, and it's all alone up there. Someone like Pawlenty or Romney had regional appeal, but with Palin, outside of Alaska, she's an unknown.

Sen. McCain could not have picked a more baffling and potentially disastrous candidate than if he not only tried, but researched and studied hard to do so. Mike Huckabee would have made more sense.

This looks like a desperation pick.

Oh, and I forgot to say, can you imagine what Joe Biden will do to Gov. Palin in the VP debate? I mean that cannot go well, and will probably go off worse than the '88 VP debate for the GOP.

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