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Monday, September 29, 2008

Coming soon on DVD

Browsing the internets and I found some upcoming DVD releases you might want to take a look at...

MST3k 2oth Anniversary collection
The box and cover art for each disc looks great, and it comes with a Crow TTTTT Robot statuette.
Costa-Gavras is best known for Z, but he's done a lot of other amazing work and is perhaps the most talented director of political thrillers Cinema's ever known. This 1982 film, one of his best, is based on the true story of a wife and father (Sissy Spacek and Jack Lemmon) looking for their husband/son in a S. American country after a military coup. The film works on multiple levels, as a political document (this disc contains the official state department response to the film), a film about the nature of faith, and addressing the possible reconciliation between the Liberal of the 60's and a member of Nixon's Silent Majority. This is an incredible film experience, that manages to be humble in its ability to devestate, and one that has gone under-seen for a time
Bottle Rocket
I said it before, I'll say it again, this is Wes Anderson's best film. Everything else he's done has been variations on themes explored here. It may not be as sytlistically polished, but has a tremendous depth of feeling.
White Dog
Written by Curtis Hanson (who would go on to make LA Confidential), and the last film from American legend Sam Fuller, it would seem strange that this 1982 film wouldn't have been available until now. In fact, I had to go to great lengths to find any sort of copy a few years back. In large part, it probably was too exploitation-like in its confrontational nature for mainstream audiences and too smart and restrained for exploitation audiences. Either way, the film manages to still be an unsettling and complex study of racism in miniature.
The Earrings of Madame De...
I actually haven't seen this film (gasp), though you'll see it frequently on critics best ever lists. It previously has only been available on VHS with a lackluster print in pan and scan, which has been digitally remastered here.

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Eddie the Girl said...

so excited about your blog, I'll have to check out white dog-- as long as the dog doesn't die at the end... if the dog dies it's a no go for sure.