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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quick Vid link

Sara Palin on tape, at her church, "Iraq a task from God."

Not that we haven't essentially heard the same from Presidnet Bush, or that we're picking on Gov. Palin. But had John McCain had the foresight to vet her, or even talk to her for more than a few minutes, maybe he would have been aware of all of the baggage that's coming to light, and I'm not talking about her daughter, that should not be the big news it is, and its covering up the more important issues as well as intruding on a family matter. However, as her pastor problem is just developing so too are stories about her Alaskan secessionist views, her nearly being recalled as mayor for an election scandal, and her directing fundraising for a 527 in support of the indicted Sen. Ted Stevens.

Sources are saying that the focus shifted to Gov. Palin on Thursday, so perhaps this was done in response to something that they saw or heard at the DNC convention. Either way, whether it was only a 15 minute interview, as has been reported, or just one day, it seems someone didn't do their homework.

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whitney said...

Now let's talk about their birth control/sex education policy ideas. These people don't have a chance. Right???