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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

McCain taking on the NY Giants, how Sara Palin one-upped Mitt Romney in the name department, and other related thoughts...

A great editorial by Carl Bernstein on the GOP convention so far, and how the GOP has resorted to using its same old appeals...and how they're blaming the media. In fact their obligatory tribute to Ronald Reagan, the GOP man-god, even went out of its way to say that the media "despised" him. What, are you kidding me? The media loved Reagan, they still do.

BTW, what was the GOP thinking? Gustav may have taken out their Monday session, or at least the theatrical part of it (though it didn't stop the delegates from partying withHookers and Blow...its a band, though I think there were more than a few disappointed long-time congressmen. And speaking of longtime congressmen is Larry Craig there or is he still banned from the Minneapolis airport?)
But what may really hurt the convention is that McCain is set to speak up against the NFL kick-off game between the (team from Washington) and the Giants. Now maybe its because I'm in NY, but both of those teams have a following, and its football, America's obsession. So, don't expect McCain to draw the Nielsen dominating amount of viewers that Obama's speech did. I'm not sure but it looks like bad planning. However, they did plan well as far as having Dick Cheney in some country most American's have never heard of but that we most likely still have a secret prison in (Azerbaijan).

And as far as the media's coverage of Gustav? While I didn't see anything ridiculous like that GMA reporter in a canoe going down a street as two men walk in the ankle deep water behind her clip from a few years back, but it was the same old same old, as it focused too much on the storm, the possible destruction, not on the wetlands, the levees, or the fact that New Orleans still needs to be rebuilt from Katrina.

Oh, and despite all the outrage from the GOP over Sara Palin and fam being attacked, and McCain using that as an excuse to get away from what may have been an actual interview, the always "classy" Mitt Romney is going to take a cheap swipe at Michelle Obama in his speech tonight at the convention...maybe he's just in a (even more) bad mood since he found out Sara Palin kids have weirder names than his kids do(I'll see your Tag and give you a Trig, a Willow, and a Track!)...come to think of it maybe that cost him the VP spot...or the fact that because he's so "classy" no one can stand him, including John McCain.

Retraction: Sorry, it was The Today Show, not GMA, and here's the video...
Best. Flood Reporting. Ever.

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