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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Don't be Fooled. GOP opposition to Auto Bailout Plan is About Unions

Why spend a ridiculous amount of money to bail out one part of the economy, yet not spend a less ridiculous amount of federal money to bail out another? The GOP had no problem bailing out the banking industry and the failed lenders but now that we're talking about the auto industry, they suddenly are standing firm on market economics; how the US auto manufacturers failed to adapt and so they should be allowed to suffer the consequences of the market. So, why the double standard?


The GOP has made no effort to hide their anti-union agenda. And the prospect of a very union-friendly White House scares them. Killing this proposal is their best chance to stop any efforts to improve improvements in union rights before the Obama Administration has a chance to do anything. Right now, the balance of power is stacked against the workers and if the GOP can successfully block the proposed bailout of the United States Auto industry, and effectively end the UAW, perhaps the most storied and one of the most important unions in the country, they have made a huge first step in undercutting the effectiveness of unions everywhere.

One of the unfinished issues of the last century's struggle for civil rights continues, and it is the struggle for the right of a worker to join a union.It should make sense that other unions, not connected to the auto industry, are calling for the proposed bail-out to pass.

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Eddie the Girl said...

"...I coulda been a contender. I could’ve been somebody..."

there are just somethings that must have been bred into me... like when someone says they don't like unions and I automatically wonder why I am talking to that person... cuz seriously it's not like i've even ever belonged to one.