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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Election Round-Up, well actually its more of a wrangling I think.

In an extremely close race Gordon Smith lost to Dem. Jeff Merkley in Oregon. I used to live in Oregon and Smith was a pretty good who turned into being a pretty great guy. I guess this just points to the state of the GOP, when even an Obama supporting, anti-war senator loses.

Norm Coleman and Al Franken are headed to a re-count...the difference? 720 votes. So, in a traditionally left-leaning state like Minnesota anything is possible after absentee ballots and a re-count.

A Georgia senate seat is headed to a run-off, thanks to the Libertarian candidate who kept incumbent, and awesome name, Saxby Chambliss from getting to the majority needed to win.

After meeting their govenor, maybe I'm less surprised that it looks like Ted Stevens, who's facing serious prison time, won re-election. The Gop's been urging him to step down asap, and some are looking to put Palin in his place.

The most interesting development is in Nebraska. With North Carolina going to Obama, and Missouri going to McCain, there is still one electoral vote up in the air. Nebraska, like Maine, has three seperate elector districts (based on congressional districts) in addition to the 2 winner-take-all electors, and Obama is leading in the one which contains Omaha. If he wins it, McCain will receive 4 electoral votes, and Obama would receive 1.

Meaning that the final tally would be, as it looks now, 365-173. It also means that since few people know about the Nebraska-Maine approach, or would have predicted it would even come into play, I doubt anyone predicted the final electoral vote tally. The popular vote difference right now stands at 6.7% for Obama.

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