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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hey, hollywood execs, look here!!!

The AICN user boards aren't usually worth reading, then again I guess I must think they are because I do; and you've got to hand it to them for keeping the discussion up as it usually degenerates into expletive laden fanboy back and forths, as opposed to IMDB's useless boards which just degenerate into a bevy of "post deleted" place holders about five posts in.

But, in celebration of the most ridiculous film adaptation (Ridley Scott's Monopoly.) I can think of, here's some great suggestions I found on the boards:

"Paul Thomas Anderson to direct Scrabble movie
- waggy

Will Smith cast as the Thimble
- Skraggo

Tony Scott to Direct "BATTLESHIP" with Sean Connery and Alec Bal....

...Oh wait.

Wim Wenders to direct Parchessi
- nolan bautista

Lars Von Trier Plays Charade at a Party With Friends

David Lynch to direct Cranium!

Gore Verbinski

has a Rock 'em -Sock 'em project scheduled
-nolan bautista

Wes Craven presents Don't Wake Daddy
- myspoonistoobig

Uwe Bolle to Tackle Electric Football!!!

Ang Lee set to helm "Mah Jong."

You know, because he's Chinese and everything.

Paul Haggis to write/direct "Connect Four"
- Thrillho77

OTHELLO - A Spike Lee Joint
-Village Idiot

David Cronenberg's DON'T BREAK THE ICE, starring Christopher Walken
In 2011, the gonna break!

- Johnny Smith

M. Night Shyamalan's "Mystery Date"

ZOMG! It was the dud the whole time?!
--Spifftacular Squirrel Girl

That girl who sits behind you in math class to...

...write the script for MASH - Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House. Starring her, and one of the following: you, Bobby, Tommy or Davey.
- Johnny Smith

Takashi Miike to direct SUDOKU
- Paul T. Ryan

Steven Soderbergh to direct YAHTZEE
-Paul T. Ryan

Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence star in LIFE

- Johnny Smith

Rob Cohen to direct POGS

with Vin Diesel as "The Slammer."
- second cousin of phartegod

Mel Gibson to direct Outburst
- StevenScorsese

Tony Scott to direct Domino
- rost

Roman Polanski to direct Taboo

Bryan Singers "Ant's In The Pants"

Sofia Coppola directs Lite Brite!
- shatnerd

David Lynch to direct Mr. Potato Head
- Xian042

Wilford Brimley as Rich Uncle Pennybags
I know it was mentioned in another post, wanted to reaffirm this great choice. "You got second place in the diabeetus pageant!"
- JoeSixPack"
(related to above post)

That last one had me on the floor for like 5 minutes, I don't know why...
M. Night's Mystery Date is prob my fav so far...

Think you can do better? Please post...


erin said...

Oh man, I was going to say Wes Craven's Don't Wake Daddy but it was already on this list.

James Cameron to direct Don't Break the Ice?

Jean-Luc Godard to direct Apples to Apples?

Baz Luhrmann to direct Mouse Trap?

Eh, I'm not sure if these are any better than ones already in the running.

Jacob said...

Ruggero Deodato presents...
Hungry, Hungry, Hippos.

Lloyd said...

Roland Emmerich to direct Settlers of Cataan

Or we could bring a clashing of legendary card games Yu-Gi-Oh! vs. Magic: the Gathering with Playing Cards playing the part of the innocent bystanders who are thrown in the midst of an age-old war, starring Kenny Rogers

Last but not least,

The Olsen Twins present Ticket to Ride