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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My 10 Favorite Front Pages

  1. Staten Island Advocate: Placing B&W images of the other 43 presidents with Obama in the center is quite powerful, and it doesn't feel confined to a typical daily square format. That, and the reader above the headline is poetic.
  2. (Not sure why the font's hyperlinked...oh well) Only horizontal paper I saw, plus I like the whole family on the front page with really no other words, and the diminishing of the newspaper logo
  3. La Stampa, Italy. I like this for two reasons: 1) the panoramic eyeline close-up above the headline, but also a nice picture of Cindy McCain playing around with John. Nice to see a picture where they look comfortable.
  4. News and Record, Greensboro, NC. While it looks eerily like an Obama lawn poster, it is probably the most colorfully yet classy front page. Points for large white font with little else on the page.
  5. Green Bay Press-Gazette. Very Powerful, almost intimidating angle of Obama. Big fan of the thin, white border, and the few paragraphs on the front page are done nicely above his left shoulder (also love the red highlight).
  6. diario dio comercio, Brazil. Fan of the stark, black and white. Really interesting, historical-looking picture. The flag being held in a crowd bringing to mind Iwo Jima (though not sure if that's just a coincidence or they're reaching for a metaphor I don't get...) . Timeless look, and a cool headline at the bottom of the page.
  7. The Herald, South Carolina. Extra large imade and a simple, large headline. Picture isn't anything spectacular, but its simplicity makes it look like a classic, historic newspaper headline.
  8. Wall Street Journal. The out-of-place large color photo on an all-around classic front page, just looks, well, classic. A nice picture, and a nice layout on the bottom-half of the page.
  9. Chicago Sun-Times. The extreme close-up is a bit interesting, especially in the way it has a short depth of field having only his face in focus, really. The sepia tone adds to the sort of candid and presidential nature of the page's theme, and I like the understated headline. It just doesn't have the immediacy of a newspaper to me, it looks more like a magazine.
  10. La Vangaurdia, Spain. I can't put my finger on it, maybe because they use the same picture I liked from the WSJ, the super-clean headline, or the way its formatted, but I really like how this looks as a whole, except for the ad. Honorable Mention: Orlando Sentinel. I think they were going for the samething that the Sun-Times did, but the ads at the bottom third, the rounded-edged, thin-white border, as well as the photo they chose, it looks like a Nordstrom ad.
Others of note:
UEN, Taiwan. The top half is kinda cool. The fact that a Toyota ad is just as large negates it.

El Periodico, Spain. Interesting concept having MLK, jr. on the front page.
Quasi-Dis-honorable mention: Sabah, Turkey. It's probably just a cultural difference, but the giant picture of a tearful Obama head, with a picture of a pointing McCain, and a cheering crowd, sort of makes it look like McCain is making fun of him and everyone's laughing. Also, not used to having the cartoon on the front-page either. Then again, unlike a Brazilian paper I saw, at least it didn't have bikini babes on the bottom third of the page. Then again if I were on the losing side of the election maybe I'd be happy to see the bikini babes...

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