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Monday, November 17, 2008

New Feature: Headless Headlines

As new features go, I think my record is 3 weeks. Sort of like British TV Shows (drum drum high hat). This is devoted to headlines which either lacked thought, or need rethinking, or in a few cases someone's actual head. This isn't Jay Leno territory, as these aren't knee slappers, but fore head thumping.

What do I mean by stupid headlines?

Well, here's one I saw on the Today Show. The segment:

"Water: What would we do without it?"
well I'm pretty sure I know...die?

And from FoxNews
"Homeowner's Illegal Status Exposed After Aborted Sale"
Now, don't think too hard on this one, there's no double meaning and its not funny. But check out the vocabulary. How many crimes or distasteful actions are used as verbs here?
1) Illegal (and note it's as a status, connoting that the illegality lies inherent in the person, not in the illegal action of the person) 2) Exposed 3) Aborted. This is one of those subtle things which reveal sinister ideological motives.

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