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Monday, November 17, 2008

My Adventure in trying to figure out he Twilight poster.

First off, I think, oh, they got the UK's cutest little wino (the Harry Potter girl) to be in it. That's not a bad career move, and I guess they're not hiding their ambitions.

But, no, it wasn't Emma Watson (below.)

Then I thought, well maybe they found wherever Jenna Malone (left) disappeared to, who was Hollywood's cutest train wreck waiting to happen a few years back.

Nope. Jenna's still MIA. Turns out its "Not Jenna Malone" from Into the Wild. In fact, watching that film I was certain I was seeing a pretty great performance by Ms. Malone, until I saw the closing credits and saw Kristen Stewart, who I thought was the lady from Third Rock from the Sun. But that was Kristen Johnson who starred alongside French Stewart, which may explain my confusion.

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Eddie the Girl said...

wait... have you seen this already?