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Monday, March 02, 2009

In Development....

Empire found via a visual FX story, that Oscar winner Mike Fink is working on dinosaurs (yes, life-size dinosaurs) for Terrance Malick's upcoming film Tree of Life. Tree of Life has been in development for years under its current title, and while its posted plot summaries on IMDB and wikipedia seem to be about a midwestern boy coming of age in the 50's, the rumblings around the film seem tied to a project Malick wanted to make 30 years ago after Days of Heaven which was sort of a epochal view of human history through the eyes of ancient creatures. I'll beleive it when I see it, but this was to be Malick's piece de resistance.

McG told a roundtable @ wondercon that Arnold, or his CGI visage will be in the upcoming Terminator film. He said the Governator saw the film, and liked it so much he has said he wants to be further involved in it, which would most likely entail voice work. Linda Hamilton has also been rumored to be doing voice work for the film as well, and McG also hinted that Robert Patrick will be in the next (T5) film.

Kiera Knightly will start in an adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's modern classic Never Let me Go. Mark Romanek (who has done a stream of blah films, but directed the greatest music video of all-time) is slated to direct. The adaptation is being written by the writer of 28 days later. The book is a complex love story set in a Brave New World like distopia, and apperantly they chose Kiera to save money; less actress is easier to clone, and Kiera is what, 80 lbs?

Peter Jackson, whos' Lovely Bones is going to be released this December and is already an Oscar frontrunner, is producing a strange little Sci-fi film called District 9 which has a lot of Cloverfield like viral advertising at work. Speaking of Cloverfield, JJ Abrams did not rule out a sequel but said he'd only do it for creative reasons, not for the money. A nearby executive took an unfortunate drink right as JJ said this and nearly choked on his Martini Olive.

And IGN is reporting that Drew Barrymore is in talks to direct Twilight 3. Executives are working on a Twilight 4 which will just be Robert Pattinson staring at the audience for 2 hours, and is expected to make just as much money.

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