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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Time: Life Begins to Imitate South Park

What's most amazing about the first few months of the Obama administration is how the GOP has turned into a live-action episode of South Park; you know the one's where Randy and the rest of the community go off the deep end and over react to some small issue and things usually escalate out of control ending in a few deaths, looting, and mob rule?

I say this as someone who supported Obama. While he has made symbolic gestures Obama has done little different than George W. Bush, continuing his foreign and economic policy. Those at the Tea Parties across the US the other day didn't think of seceding from the union or starting a revolution when Bush passed a similar spending bill over a year ago. Maybe they all made over $250,000? That's the only way they'd get taxed more under Obama.

The right-wing media has stirred its listeners into a frenzy over Obama's supposed cutting of the Pentagon Budget which was in reality his giving Robert Gates the 4% increase in spending he wanted (and placing the funds in failing programs that have no realistic need and into those areas which will help the war on terror) and that's NOT including the amount which will go into increased action in Afghanistan. I mean maybe in some Euclidian geometric or imaginary number set a 4% increase with essentially an open check book for the biggest single point of spending is a negative amount. But in the world I live in that's not possible.

All of this points to the underlying reasons for this mass delusion. Sure, the Right Wing has always had a complex where they were persecuted; even when they held the most governmental power in US history under Bush when he controlled both the house, senate, the supreme court, had the media afraid to report on controversial matters, and whatever branch Dick Cheney decided he was depending on which investigation was ongoing. This is the result of a subset of the culture which has been fed nothing but anger and fear for the last 25 years coming to terms with a new political landscape which does not compute within their world view. In a sense, the chicken(hawks) of talk radio coming home to roost, only not finding any nesting place.

On paper, and in reality not much at all has changed under Obama thus far. I wish he has done as much as the protesters have said he has to change this country because then I'd feel like he's been keeping his promises. Which he hasn't so far.

One last thing. I know its historically accurate (to a point, at least), but did people actually have to dress as Indians? In "red-face" so to speak? I know some protesters went out of their way not to, to avoid such a sight, and I applaud them for being considerate, taking even a special note for their distaste for political correctness.Thanks.

But as a Native American I have to call out those who did go all out. Those in dime store (well if dime stores were still around, you get the idea) headdresses or just the elementary school like band with feather look. I get you were trying to make a point. But you ended up making an even more sober correlative. Do you realize the way many Native Americans live in this country? That there are Native communities where conditions are as bad as those in third world nations?

Here you are protesting spending which may affect your badly planned mortgage, boat loan, or obligatory investments in the stock market which were a must have for any patriotic member of the middle class the past decade and a half. Here you are ready to revolt, over what? You can gripe about having to return your Margaritaville machine when we get our land back, ok? Because this spending bill, that's democracy. You have a voice, a representative, and guess what, your candidate lost. Deal with it. Democracy doesn't mean you win every time, even if you do get away with bending the rules every once in a while (come on, I mean democrats had more to "revolt" over after the 2000 election than you do now). Our lands, language, and culture were taken away, we were shipped to the worst parts of the country left to fend for ourselves without a voice in government, which held policies seeking to destroy us. So get that stupid looking headdress off, get informed, and write your congressman.

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