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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Time: You want us to take you seriously?

Ok this last one's actually pretty funny:

As someone who's been to his fair share of protests, back when protesting Bush was anti-American because he was the President, here are a few pointers. I know ya'll aren't used to this whole Assembly and free speech thing since it used to be un-American when people did it against Bush.
1) Please, no Hitler references. Unless the person you're protesting has killed 6 million innocent people, you'll just come off as a deuce bag. Hyperboles in general don't work.
1b) related: Think before you speak. Don't be like the guy in Annapolis here who said that this is "a crisis 100 times as grim as 9/11."
2) Don't threaten to kill the person you're protesting. That can get you a visit from the Secret Service. Related: Don't throw things at the white house. I guess you learned this already that this will end your protest very prematurely and uncomfortably.
3) This is the most common mistake of all: stay on message. If this is about taxes make it about taxes, not abortion, nationality, or unrelated policies.
4) Related: Don't start throwing out accusations about 9/11 or God punishing us for this or that or other sorts of conspiracy theories. The media will focus on the nuttiest person at a protest and that will become the face of your protest.
5) Don't use personal jabs. They come off pedestrian and sophomoric.
6) Know the policies you're protesting against. If you're holding a "Karl Marx" would be proud poster you should probably know who Karl Marx is, and why he would not be proud at all, in fact he'd hate most everything about Obama.

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